COMMITTMENT TO Sustainability

At Vilalara Grand Hotel Algarve, we believe that our mission is to fulfill all expectations of our guests, offering them the best experiences. To accomplish that, we are committed to improve every detail of our infrastructure, our services, and our day-to-day activities, maintaining our intimate atmosphere, our high-standard services, and our will to provide memorable experiences to all that visit us.

Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle 2024

    WATER Efficiency

    Committed to environmental responsibility, every room has a water flow controller for conservation. We use seawater in three pools and treatment areas to reduce freshwater consumption. Short-term goals include expanding an automated irrigation system usingrainwater in all gardens. To address the water footprint, bed linens and towels are changed every three days. Guests are encouraged to use pool towels responsibly, with daily exchanges on request. Join us in fostering ecological behavior to reduce our impact on local water resources.


    ENERGY Efficiency

    The Vilalara Grand Hotel Algarve conducted an energy audit to optimize efficiency. With 480 solar panels, set to increase to 630, LED lighting, and sustainability commitment, the hotel reduces energy consumption using dusk sensors in public areas. In rooms, lights and air conditioning operate with key insertion. The implementation of a Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) system enhances cooling efficiency in rooms compared to conventional methods.


    RESPONSIBLE Consumption and Production

    We’re committed to sustainability by replacing plastic amenities with 100% recyclable materials. Our eco-friendly practices include a refill system for personal hygiene products, reducing plastic use and enhancing efficiency. All plastic consumables in the hotel, from rooms to food outlets, are being replaced with biodegradable alternatives. Room keys, now crafted from wood, signal our move away from plastic, with future plans for NFC technology for mobile room access.


    SUSTAINABLE Mobility

    Currently, Vilalara Grand Hotel Algarve has two charging points for electric cars. We aim to increase to four charging points. We are replacing petrol and diesel vehicles used for internal service logistics, with electric transport alternatives. The strategy aims to reduce air pollution and fuel consumption, as these vehicles circulate most of the time within the hotel.


    MINIMAL Environmental Impact

    Choosing eco-friendly products packaged in recyclable materials. Opting for biodegradable solutions to minimize the impact of chemicals on the environment.


    LOCAL Products

    We use products from local suppliers in our restaurants. This way, we contribute to the local economy and reduce the carbon footprint associated with the transportation of goods and services. We plan to expand the ‘Chef’s Garden’ and transform it into an organic farm to increase the production of vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Our goal is to provide our guests with a healthy gastronomic experience featuring local products.