SHAPE Tone the Body and Mind

This 7-Days’ Program redefines your body’s natural contours while remineralizes it with all the benefits of Thalassotherapy combined with relaxation techniques. It’s designed to meet your goal and customized to help you achieve it.

  • Exercise by the beach
  • Yoga
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  • 2 Medical Consultations

  • 1 Body exfoliation

  • 1 Reflexology

  • 1 Osteopathy or Sacrocranian

  • 2 Body and Mind personal training

  • 3 Lymphatic drainages

  • 6 Body treatments

  • 12 Thalassa treatments

  • 3 Group activities


  • Remineralizes and activates the circulatory and lymphatic systems, with water massage, body wraps, jet showers…

  • Detoxifies

  • Reduce, slim, firm and anti-celulite

Price per program: 1534€

(accommodation not included)

Vilalara Spa & Thalassa

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